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Essence of brass products in home Décor. brass products bring altogether rich looks to the environment of our home or workplace. brass plays a important role it the pooja category be it brass diyas, akahand diyas, aggarbatti stands, ghanti , pooja plates and various other things also idols of various god and godesses is avaliable in brass.

in wedding gifting a lot of products are distributed to the people attending from both sides. in this glasses, katori, sets of glass katori & plate and various other options are avaliable in box packaging in bulk and retail.

brass products have presence in heavy kitchen ware for catering purposes and the same is also very well available with us.

brass being the same in looks as gold and costs very much less in the value but the enternal yellow shine is always blissful, it adds a premium touch to feel of a place.

Premium decor pieces like some in the pictures below add old world charm and authentic indian touch.

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