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Sochoco – (the festive Spirits – Ehsas Bhartiya Sabhayta Ka, Dedicated to Homemakers, Kaamal products @ Dhamaal Prices.) this few quoted lines were thought over a period of time, fristly there was a need to grow from a mere face book page and secondly it had to fulfill a long seen dream. a vision and thought for the upcoming future, though a little bit late but as you always say, take your time or its better late then be sorry, whatever.

our Logo (Trade Mark Registered)

Sochoco started bootstrapped and with minimum budjets and planned calculated activities is emerging ahead as a small brand to medium brand further to a mega brand..

starting with brass produts i,e Gifting and decor, pooja, products, gradually we moved to seasonal products, products dedicated to various festivals held across india like dipwali, holi, basant, rakhi, janamsthmi, navratar are desgined manufactured sourced regurerly and then a whole category dedicated to his holiness ladoo gopal ji ( the kid, first human form inspiration),was introduced after that we brought our core strength forward that is eco friendly Products also in the meanwhile we introduced unique and quickry products and as in latest we also have ladies and kid’s dress material in stock.

SOChoco is dedicated to Indian flavors and taste it showcases what our culture and heritage is. Sochoco Curates A Vast Catlouge of products, sochoco is constantly discovering and showcasing the indian way of life.

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reason no 1 in What Makes SoChoco So Unique – top 9 reasons

We Deal In Brass Products

brass products
brass products

Brass products for gifting and decor, pooja products & kitchen articles in wholesale and retail

Our Love for the Events

We started our journey with showcasing brass at shopping events held around Gorakhpur city dedicated to ladies. we have already done 10 + events and look forward to attend more. new line up is showcased at such events and often products on sale are also displayed.

Coming up with The Flag Ship Sochoco Store & Headquarters

this place located in gorakhpur in eastern uttar pradesh in india is the flagship store, retai and wholesle centre, warehouse, inventory receipt and dispatch centre, showace of our catlouge goddwill and accounts all in one. the store is still in devlopment but we have the alternative display area.

The sochoco advatage over other wholesellers and resellers

firstly we we believ in turnover, movement of exsistin inventory is a must, secondly customer satification, we operate on limited resorces and so our operational or overall costs are very low and so we pass on the beniffts to the end users.

reason no 2 in What Makes SoChoco So Unique – top 9 reasons

We Deal In Season Special Products

Season Special Products

reason no 3 in What Makes SoChoco So Unique – top 9 reasons

products for laddo gopal ji

products for laddo gopal ji
All Kinds of products for ladoo gopal ji

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reason no 4 in What Makes SoChoco So Unique – top 9 reasons

eco friendly products

eco friendly products

Sochoco is a tax registered and legal firm

reason no 5

unique and quickry products

Unique & Quickry
Unique & Quickry

The Sochoco Advantage :

  • Online Store open 24 hours 7 days all year round
  • secure payment, fast delivery
  • indian way i,e Dedicated to Indian Culture and heritage
  • Quick response of queries
  • Fresh inventory, updated reguerly

reason no 6

Dress Material

dress materials
Dress Materials

wholeselling and retalling of dress material for ladies ( kurtis,leggings, ug’s, at wholesale rates ) kids and some gents wear. hosiery products, Silk Sarees, premium silk sarees, hand printed silk saree from Mubarakpur arte silk ghatchola cotton suit pieces saris dupattas and dress material manufacturing

reason no 7

pooja products

reason no 8


reason no 9

3d printing

More Products

Home medical essential products, fmcg, stickers, computers tech related, chocolates, wooden educational toys for kids,

Sochoco and Manufacturing

Sochoco Short Description

सभी प्रकार के उपहार और सजावट के लिए पर जाएं। सीज़न स्पेशल प्रोडक्ट्स, प्रोडक्ट्स फॉर लड्डू गोपाल जी, ऑल काइंड ऑफ़ मेटल (सजावट, गिफ्टिंग, यूटिलिटी प्रोडक्ट्स) यूनिक एंड क्विक प्रोडक्ट्स, वंडर एस फ्रॉम द वर्ल्ड, ईको फ्रेंडली प्रोडक्ट्स, प्रोडक्ट्स फॉर किड्स, ड्रेस मटेरियल, स्टेशनरी, किंडरगार्टन की आपूर्ति और बहुत कुछ ।

Visit for All types of gifting & Decor. Season Special Products, Products for Laddo Gopal Ji, All Kind of Metal (decor, gifting, utility products) Unique & Quickry Products, Wonder s From the World, Eco Friendly Products, Products for Kids, Dress Materials, Stationary, Kindergarten supplies and more.

shop with confidence from, our site is completely secure and we follow all norms, we are a India based company and are proud of our heritage and culture and request all of you to support us. our website is having the latest infrastructure (app coming soon) we also have integration with pay you money for secure transactions and ship rocket for smooth and hassle free world wide delivery. your feedback is very important, pls do share them. we are also very active on various social media platforms like Facebook Instagram what’s app and telegram, please like share and comment and keep us motivated.

Customer Satisfaction

our customers are our top priority and there satisfaction is our utmost priority, we don’t compromise on quality anytime, secondly we believe in fair prices for both (us and our customers) Refund we don’t do but exchange is possible that too if same product is available otherwise other product near the same price has to be brought, COD is Available.


Thank You For Arriving till here and reading the whole post, your feed back is very important for us, like share comment & Subscribe on social media platforms, thanks for motivation and & support.

Team Sochoco

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